“Man has gone from being vulnerable to his environment to where today he controls the future of the entire global environment and life on earth” – Quote by Richard Hopper

Until recently, all life evolved through genetic mutations.  Then along came modern homo sapiens.  Like all other plant and animal species, previous types of human had similarly evolved primarily through genetic mutation.  Beginning with what is referred to as the Neolithic Revolution, however, the cultural developments of modern human began to replace genetic mutations as the primary method of evolution and adaptation for humans.  First came such primitive developments such as fire, shelters, the use of animal furs as clothing, stone tools, and the first forms of art and jewelry.  Eventually, modern humans were to spread out of Africa to all parts of the globe and build more and more sophisticated civilizations.  The result is that by today, human culture and civilization have reached the point where they have the potential to drastically alter or even destroy all life on earth.  As such, both the future of mankind and all life on the planet will greatly depend upon decisions that humans make about their relationship to their environment.  Such decisions, in turn, will depend upon the quality of information and understanding we have about the environmental challenges.  So, in a very real sense, the future of mankind requires improved education.  With this in mind, the purpose of this website is to provide photographs, charts and other graphics about global environmental problems that students can use in their student research projects.


~ by americanpresidents on February 26, 2010.

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