Fresh Water Scarcity and Pollution

Global Map of Access to Safe Drinking Water

All of life on Earth depends upon water.  As the populations of humans on Earth increase, however, so do problems of fresh water scarcity and pollution increase.  Ironically, areas of some of the greatest population growth such as the America Southwest, California, and China face some of the greatest future water shortages, which might or might not be resolved by tapping into and transporting water from distant water sources.  Meanwhile, one of the greatest problems caused by increasing urbanization in developing countries is that clean water sources have not kept pace with the needs of the expanding populations of the growing towns and cities, causing disease.  Also, increasing urbanization and industrialization increases industrial sources of water pollution.  All of these trends will place increasing stress on the world’s fresh water supplies.


~ by americanpresidents on February 23, 2010.

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