Air Pollution

Air pollution from factories, power plants, automobiles and other urban sources is one of the leading causes of respiratory, cancer, immune and other diseases in our modern world.  Through acid rain and other effects, it also can harm the plant and animal life around us.  Because air pollution is caused to a great extent by our use of fossil fuels, the switch to clean sources of energy and energy conservation is one way to reduce air pollution.  Another source of air pollution, however, is our increasing development and use of toxic chemicals which, when produced or burnt, find their way into plant and animal life – and eventually into ourselves.  An example of such a toxic chemical that has increasingly become a part of our modern life is dioxin.  As a consequence, air pollution is both a question of controlling the quanity and nature of air pollution emissions.  Air pollution can also be influenced by land-use and transportation decisions, as well as the control and minization of  hazardous wastes.


~ by americanpresidents on February 23, 2010.

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